Kiss the Sky

Romantic Thriller, inspired by true events

BASE Jumping is the vehicle that drives the story in KISS THE SKY.

BASE Jumping is skydiving, but not from a plane. Instead, it's a leap from a building or a bridge, a cliff or - a radio tower.

Tom Lemoine is a late night radio story teller, who will soon be signing off his show with "Parachute Woman" by the Rolling Stones.

Cali is a BASE Jumper, a fatal beauty who free falls from top of his station's radio tower; to stick her landing in the headlights of Lemoine's oncoming car.

Inspired by true events, their story is a spiral into romantic obsession, adrenalized emotions and truth or dare sex, with death lurking in the wings.

Written  for the screen by S.B. 

Lemoine's late night show Radio A1A is on the air.
Inviting you  to pull the rip chord on the Stones' Parachute Woman, as Lemoine begins to count down Cali's free Mississippi...two Mississippi...three Mississippi...

"Parachute Woman, land on me tonight..."