"Just for shits and giggles," as Ernie would say...
Dear Paul Thomas Anderson,

Hope all’s well.

By way of introduction, I wrote and produced my first promos with the legendary Ernie Anderson back at the dawn of the 80’s. He was ever loathe to work in the announce booth, so my dozens of subsequent voiceover sessions with Ernie, throughout the 80’s and beyond, were almost always conducted elbow to elbow.

Fast fwd to the present: my producing partner and I are developing a film, MISS NOVEMBER SWEEPS; and I’m writing to you with this personal heads up that the story features a pivotal character, ARTIE ABBOTT, who is largely based on my own - apparently indelible - experiences with Ernie.

This project is one from the heart, a movie Valentine to our fabled "Promowood" scene at the dawn of the 80's in L.A.

We're wondering if you can see Bryan Cranston as Artie Abbott? Because we can't seem to see anyone else.

All the best,

Email for Miss November Sweeps .pdf   
Chapter one, "The Voice in Her Head". 

 Sample The Miss November Sweeps Podcast


Justin / The Narrator - Eddie Redmayne
Gretchen - Emma Stone
Cole - Armie Hammer
Suze - Amy Adams
AJ - Adam Driver
Artie - Bryan Cranston